March 26, 2014

Free Calligraphy Pattern Muhammad Rasulullah


I made this pattern in December last year but haven't had a chance to share it due to mum's deteriorating health, and after 11 years fighting against breast cancer and cervical cancer, Mum passed away on 27th of February 2014. This pattern is very special to me, not only this one is the last pattern mum saw I stitched when we chatted in those months, but also because this pattern is calligraphy of the very man, Prophet Muhammad PBUH, who taught humankind to put the utmost love, respect and sincere care for woman; especially mother.

I hope by sharing this, it will bring us manfaat in many good ways.


pattern snapshoot


Item Code: JXSCAL 067
Title: Muhammad Rasulallah
Size: 21 x 25 cm finished design on black Aida 14ct
Threads: 7 colors of DMC Art 117

Download link: CLICK  (format pdf, 355 kB)

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October 14, 2013


Eid-ul-Adha is Eid of sacrifice,
to remind ummat of sacrificing worldly nafs for the sake of Allah SWT 
and our commitment to Allah's orders,

May Allah help all amongst us,
who are helpless, worried and waiting forHis rahmat.

Eid Mubarak 

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September 10, 2013

R4BIA Free Cross Stitch Design, Because We Care


Long time not updating this blog, I made several designs already but not yet satisfied with the detail yet. Other things also occupied me offline, and when im online I mainly playing with FaceBook.

However, yesterday I heard that the military backed-up As-Sisi claimed that he has solid and massive support to run for presidency. Oh Dear. If that happen, let us not forget... R4BIA.

Here it is, my newest design called "R4BIA" ... I made it to be stitched on 18ct plastic canvas size 11.5 cm square. You can make it as small cushion for decoration of your car, when you go around people will see ... we never forget.


download linkis HERE
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March 07, 2013

Free XS Pattern Shahadat #4


Alhamdulillah, this pretty design of kalimah tawheed is now available for you to download. it's 40x40 cm finished design on 14ct fabric.

Please kindly share your picture when you finish stitching it, that act surely will encourage other muslim stitchers to stitch halal designs. Finally, I hope this post will bring manfa'at for us all. Happy stitching!



Item Code: JXSCAL 054
Title: Shahadat #4
Size: 40 x 40 cm finished design on Aida 14ct  (For other fabric used, see here to manually measure the size, or use the cross stitch calculator on right sidebar of this page)
Threads: 4 colors of DMC Art 117

Price: AUD 0.00 » GRATUIT, FREE !!
* Pattern only.
BUY THE KIT AT AFFORDABLE PRICE!!  Contact us  for more info on kit price, shipping, and payment
pattern snapshot

Format: PDF version 1.6 (use Foxit Reader for best viewing)
Download Links: Plain Colored Chart 379 Kb

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